Rahua self care products having Classic shampoo and conditioner, scalp exfoliating shampoo and founder's blend hair treatment


Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, Husbands, Grandpas, or any special person you may have that you have (at some points literally) looked up to all your life. On this day, we spend time recognizing the ones who helped bring us into the world; the ones who guide, protect, and love us. 

Rahua self care products having Classic shampoo and conditioner, scalp exfoliating shampoo and founder's blend hair treatment

Give the gift of Rahua Self-Care Rituals to show how much you appreciate all that he does for the whole family. Find our best gift picks below:

Healthy Microbiome Scalp Set - Have his scalp be soothed after a long work week with this set that includes the following Rahua products. Start with Founders Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment, a plant-based, cream treatment that brings balance back to the scalp’s microbiome. This has the power to strengthen hair roots, as well as balance scalp moisture levels. Apply to scalp & roots topically on wet or dry hair & rinse after with Classic Shampoo and Conditioner 15 mins or more. Then our iconic Classic Essential Care Set fortifies and restores weak strands. Cult-favorite and award-winning, Rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner are packed with omega-9 rich Rahua Oil, ideal for all hair types. Featuring, sacred Palo Santo oil for a calming shamanic aromatherapy experience that he deserves. To finish this Rahua ritual, Once a week, trade his Classic Shampoo for Rahua Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo providing a gentle scalp scrub that removes dead skin cells and improves circulation. Scalp care is the new skin care, and Rahua is here providing an all natural way to get to the root of it. This also refreshes his hair follicles providing more lift and body to weakened strands.

Rahua founder's blend with palo santo sticks and Rahua ungurahua seeds

Shower Gel - A simple way to make his daily ritual a luxury. Nurture his skin and awaken the senses with a rich, gentle lather filled with calming lavender, uplifting eucalyptus, sweet vanilla and woodsy palo santo. 

Elixir - Our pure blend of Rainforest Grown Rahua & Palo Santo Oils is our most decadent treatment for overnight hair care. The woodsy, calming scent of Palo Santo soothes the senses to transition to a more restful sleep, which is needed after he picks up the kids. Additionally, this treatment will stimulate growth and revitalize damaged hair.⁠

Cream Wax - This hair cream-pomade formula adds pliable hold, height, texture, and definition to short hair, and control and manageability to long hair. Easy and quick to apply, this is great for on the go styling for our busy dads. 

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