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Soft and silky

I have colored dark brown hair, I wash my hair once a week, it’s so hard to do I’m tempted to wash in between but I stick it out! I have unruly hair until I style it. I let it air dry, I have wavy with some natural curl, this shampoo/conditioner made my hair so soft and silky. I love it it smells great as well as the detangler.

Holy Grail for Hair Serum

Amazing product as long as you use a small amount. Would buy again and worth the price.

I love this spray!

This spray gives my straight hair loose pretty waves. It also smells so good. It doesn’t give my hair a super crunchy feel which is nice too. There is a light hold. Definitely worth buying

Amazing Anti-Frizz!

The Rahua Leave In Treatment is really amazing! I have very dry and curly thin hair and I always have to put something in my hair to tame the dryness and frizz. I have used this product already three times and it is magical. It makes my hair look smooth and healthy. After I wash my hair with the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, I apply the Leave In Treatment (I take two small portions and rub it onto the palm of my hands) in my hair slowly making sure it gets to every strand. Then I proceed to dry my hair and it just looks and feels so moist and shiny. I then also apply Rahua Blend and the Elixir oil. My hair is smiling with happiness! I absolutely LOVE it!

WONDERFUL product for fine hair

I have fine, wavy hair, so it’s hard to find products that provide enough moisture and knock out frizz without weighing my hair down. THIS IS IT. Body, protection, NO frizz, and my hair still feels soft. Please don’t discontinue this!

very impressed

I was expecting my natural shampoo journey to be a a difficult one. Rahua is the first brand I tried and it had been great! I was very impressed at how great my hair felt after using this shampoo line. I have very long thick wavy blonde hair that I blow dry or flat iron daily. I was concerned these products wouldn’t provide enough heat protection, I was wrong! they work great an my hair feels soft and hydrated!


This product along with the uv detangler and Omega 6 mask from this brand are incredible. My hair has never been healthier.

Absolutely love

This product along with the uv detangler and the Amazon oil from this brand are incredible. My hair has never been healthier.


Ordered this, the Amazon oil, and the omega 6 hair mask and my hair has never been healthier or looked better ! So happy with the rahua line.


Like the smell and feel of my hair after using.

Too hydrating...if that’s possible?

I adore Rahua and I’ve used the original formulation for 6 years. I decided to try this formulation, but I think it’s a little too much hydration and tends to weight down my fine Asian hair. I’ll keep
it on hand and use it maybe once a week, but I’m going back to my tried and true classic Rahua.

Wonderful set for wavy hair!

Keeps my wavy hair hydrated and frizz-free, without lacking body. Love the savings and the lower-waste alternative packaging, too!

Another bomb product by Rahua

I already am a huge fan of the oil, leave in detangler, and scalp treatment, so it was no surprise that this product worked wonders on my hair. So much hydration, shine, and strength! I've never been a fan of a hair product line as a whole...but rahua is an exception. Can't wait to try more products!

I like it

I got this free with my order which was really nice. I have been using it with the conditioner & my hair really does look shiny and friz free. My hair was very frizzy prior to because of the dry winter air. I like this product, I also really like how I can use it on dry or wet hair.


The smell is incredible, smells just like palo santo, I feel like I am cleansing my physical body and my spiritual body. Also my skin has never been softer, not kidding. Most body washes don't make my skin soft but this one really did. I love it and will definitely repurchase.

Love it

I love this product and how natural and sustainable it is. After the first use my hair felt great. I'll definitely continue using this! Thank you Rahua!

My long-time favorite shampoo!

I was first introduced to Rahua about ten years ago at my hair salon in NYC. It makes my hair feel so soft and light and smells amazing. When I moved out of the city I stopped using it for awhile since, at the time, I didn’t think to look for it online. Fast forward to now and I just started using it again and yet again I’m in love with it. I’ve tried a number of comparably-priced and lauded shampoos and Rahua continues to stand out as my favorite. It’s especially appreciated given that I have well water, which can be tough on my hair. Thank you for a wonderful (and ethically sourced) product!

Awesome products!

I am super impressed with the shampoo and conditioner. I recently colored my hair and wanted to make sure I got really good quality products for maintenance. This was the answer. My hair is super soft, shiny & manageable. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Amazing lightweight Oil

I have medium fine hair and this oil is amazing, it smooths out frizz and keeps my waves hydrated without weighing them down. Absolute must!

Saved my Scalp!

I suffer from seasonal dry scalp and alopecia areata and have really struggled the past few months with an absurd amount of flaking and hair loss. I really wanted to focus on scalp health and I love the rahua detangler, so I was really excited when I discovered the scalp treatment! It is INCREDIBLE. After only 2 uses my flakes are gone completely and my hair feels so nice and hydrated. I would literally purchase anything from this company at this point!

Scalp Treatment Super Great!

I LOVE this product. After I wash my hair with the Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner, I apply the Founder's Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment. I leave it in for about 30 minutes while my hair is wrapped with a hair towel. It leaves my hair so shiny and my scalp is clean. The reason I use this product is because my scalp is super dry. This is the only product that helps my hair look smooth, shiny and healthy. I also like to combine the Founder's Scalp and Hair Treatment with the wonderful Elixir Oil for a monthly hair treatment. It is absolutely amazing and my hair just feels so good and so healthy. I would recommend this product!

Love it!!

I have super curly ethnic hair.. this oil is life changing! I use this after the Rhaua Shampoo and conditioner and that’s it my curls have never looked or smelled better. Worth every penny!

Rahua Elixir
Amazing oil made of peace and heaven!

I have very dry and thin hair. I have been losing a lot hair over the past couple of years due to health concerns and stress. I bought the Rahua Elixir hoping that it will help repair my hair. I absolutely LOVE the oil as it did help my hair feel and look healthier, smooth and renewed . It did not help me with growth, as of yet but, I will keep you posted if this product helps with growth. I need to use it at least for a year in order to provide you with more information. The smell of this amazing oil is wonderful and very relaxing. When I apply it to my hair, it literally transports me to a wonderful place of peace and heaven. This product is on the pricey side but, if you enroll in the recurring buy it will give you a 5% discount, which I intend to do. I regret I didn't do that when I first bought the oil. I will continue to use this product as it just makes me feel so good and happy about the health of my hair and myself. Thank you for providing this piece of heaven for all of us!

Super soft Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is a must have! I have dry and thin hair. My hair needs the moister and because it is thin it tangles easily. This shampoo helps my hair feel so soft and hydrates it. The conditioner helps with detangling and managing my hair. I absolutely LOVE this combo of products. I have read previous reviews that the shampoo is too thick but, I have to tell you that even though it is thick, it does not hinder the shampoo, it helps your hair hydrate and so it makes sense that it be thick. I do not mind it at all. I am able to retrieve the shampoo easily by just placing it upside down in my shower and voila!
I would recommend this product to anyone that needs that extra love for their hair. I also have used the shampoo and conditioner on my husbands hair and he does not have dry hair like me. It makes his hair so smooth, look so healthy and smell yummy. I will continue using this product as I LOVE them! Thank you Rahua! I wanted to get the professional combo and I just found out they only sell it for the holidays. Hopefully I will purchase it for the next holidays. Try this product, you won't regret it!

Love It!

I use this mask before shampooing and conditioning once a week and I can feel the difference right after I use it. Makes my hair silky and soft.