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Just got this so still learning how to use it and how much to use. I wish the spray nozzle would mist finer instead of a stream. At first that made me use way too much. But I spray into my hands now instead. If I got too much on, I would agg a little water to my hands, and scrunched my hair, seems like it starts to foam a little, it gave me such volume and defined waves, didn’t need any other product. I’ve actually replaced the spray cap with one that sprays a finer mist, that worked, I’m really loving this, smells nice and doesn’t feel like you have a ton of product in your hair. Finally a product to use air drying no hairdryer.

Body Oil
Lovely, light oil.

I've used this oil religiously since receiving. it's super light & the fragrance is not over-powering. the only thing about it that I wish were different were that it came in a larger size.
I am almost out of the first bottle...

Really works

This shampoo leaves your hair clean and smooth. No squeaking, no frizzes! I live in a area where there are a lot of minerals in the water. It was making my hair dry and frizzy. This shampoo and conditioner have made a huge difference. I love my hair again.

Light moisturizer

I've wanted to try this lotion spray for awhile, so I purchased the travel size. It has a great scent and is a very light moisturizer that will be perfect for the summer heat.

Good for color care

Rahua is probably the best natural shampoo/conditioner I have used for color preservation. As someone who washes their hair everyday, I need a reliable shampoo and conditioner that will not strip my color. I have oily hair and scalp so once or twice a week I use a scalp scrub, but the Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner are my daily go-tos.

Great Product!!!

Great product!! I have a lot of hair that is fine, dark brown and this product adds shine, moisture (just the right amount) and slightly conditions my hair (I have wavy, healthy hair). This is the perfect product for someone like me that does not like to blow dry my hair, especially in the summer, I just add this product on my hair (sometimes combining it with the salt spray for curls) and I feel like a Goddess!! This is a must for every Rahua fans and non Rahua fans!!


Do not hesitate. This is a life saver! I bought the mini to try it out and yall, i do noy regret. This will leave yout hair bouncy and clean feeling!


Loved everything about this shampoo

Body Oil
This is such a treat!

I love how this oil smells and how soft it makes my skin!
It leaves no residue at all, and the spray makes it easy to
use. I love this brand.

Love it

This is the best hair mask. I focus it mostly on the ends then put a small amount throughout the rest of my hair. Even the first time using it my hair felt drastically healthier. It makes my hair super silky, soft, and keeps a lasting shine for days every time I use this

Smoothing balm

Did well to smooth my hair after I curl it without having a thick or greasy texture. I have naturally straight hair that typically gets oily easily from these kinds of products so I’m glad this one didn’t do that.

I love it ❤

The Best Stuff on Earth

By Far the best conditioner I've ever used.i purchased Rahua Full Color Shampoo and Conditioner Set.i really like it.


I have natural wavy hair, rather fine and this product works wonders to help define those light curls or waves into hair. It will also condition (therefore a little goes a long way) and I like to combine it with the Live-In Treatment Light hair balm since it will protect my hair from heat if I have to blow dry it. I have used this product for yrs, and whenever I was encouraged to use other products for my hair, I always went back to buying this one. Rahua creates excellent quality hair products that are healthy and conditioning to hair.

Excellent product!!

Excellent product. A little goes a long way. This is very useful when hair is very damaged and with split ends, this product will condition the split ends and will help hair appear healthier and shinier; all that is necessary is just a tsp size for the ends and damaged portion of hair. It smells lovely (not too fragrant) and quite rich, without being a dense, thick product. I would recommend this to any friend who wants a good heat protectant and conditioning hair treatment. I am very happy to have bought this!!!

Best Shampoo I’ve ever used!

I love the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo because it smells amazing and works to make hair hair look fuller, healthier, and more shiny. 😘

My softest ever hair

I have always had dry, frizzy hair. I've only been using this set for about 4 washes, but so far my hair feels the softest it ever has. Highly recommend!

Fave of all time!!! The best!

Body Oil
Love the scent

This is lovely. However I just wish the bottle was a bit bigger foe the price. Love everything about it.

Love LOVE this combo!

I have started using clean products in the last few years and went through many hair and face products to find the right one with the least amount of harmful ingredients. A lot of the healthier products do not seem to clean well or smell well for that matter so I was super ecstatic to stumble upon Rahua products. This product made my hair so soft and clean right away where I didn't have problems combing my hair without additional leave in conditioner or treatment, its amazing. It also smells great and feels great so I will continue buying. Hope they will figure out a way to make the product more affordable though!

Love this!

My hair is highlighted and has a little frizz.I've been using the color care shampoo and conditioner, with
the hydration detangler, and it's improved a lot! I highly recommend it! It tames frizz and smells wonderful! I love this entire line!

Rahua Control Cream

This actually really helps my curls and frizz to not fall off easily and definitely makes me feel confident

Simple and good

the list ingredients amazes me. Definitely why I like it. the scent is interesting ...very woody lol, earthy. Reminds me of Iquitos, Peru.

Magic in a bottle

This oil is so amazing! You need it in your life. Don’t hesitate just buy it, you won’t regret it. I have fine hair that is very long & it gets more heat damage than I would like to admit. This oil has transformed my hair in a matter of days. A little goes a long way. It’s not heavy or greasy which is so important for me because my hair is so fine.. so that means it doesn’t weigh it down. It makes my hair look so healthy and vibrant. You’ll notice the difference the moment you put in on

Rahua Shampoo &Conditioner

Both the voluminous and hydration shampoos and conditioners are awesome