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We’ve been thinking about what might make our moms (and wives, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, friends, and, yes, ourselves) happy during these times. Whether you are a mom on a daily basis or missing seeing her, these are the products we know will bring a smile to her face, and indulge her this Mother’s Day!

Rahua defining hair spray ,freestyle texturizer, enchanted island salt spray , voluminous dry shampoo and opened smoothing hair balm with lavender flowers in background

Help her destress and connect her to nature every day with one of our award-winning Daily Care Collections:

Treat her with one of our professional-grade hair TREATments while she can’t get to the salon!

  • Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask and Color Full Hair Mask offer a powerful punch of essential nutrients that help preserve her color-treated or natural colored hair and help maintain overall hair health from roots to ends. (Now through Sunday Mask’s are 20% off!)
  • Our New Leave-In Treatment Light is packed with nourishing plant-powered ingredients like Rahua oil and organic quinoa that help keep her strands soft and shiny whether she air drys or blow drys.
  • Our heroine product, The Rahua Elixir, is concentrated of pure Rahua oil and penetrates deeply into hair strands that deliver transformative results to all hair types.
  • Treat her with a scalp massage using our Founder’s Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment and help strengthen her hair roots as well as balance moisture levels and soothe her scalp.

Help her get ready for her Zoom meetings or just add some extra style for the day around the house with one of our easy to use styling products

  • Our Voluminous Dry Shampoo & Voluminous Spray are great ways to refresh in between washes and use sustainably sourced ingredients and applicators
  • If she is balancing kids and working from home our Freestyle Texturizer is the perfect solution to add quick and effortless looking dimension when air drying
  • Our Hydration Detangler & UV Barrier is the perfect way for moms to bond with their kids and scented with yummy aromas of passion fruit and mango. 
  • While she is trying to tame the kids help her tame her flyaways with our compact Smoothing Hair Balm

Gift her with one of our body and wellness products and help her feel grounded and skin feeling smooth and healthy

  • Calming Palo Santo Oil Perfume will help uplift and energize her with sweet and earthy aromas, perfect for when she needs a pick-me-up
  • Start her day off right with Rahua Shower Gel and bring nature to her while leaving her feeling rejuvenated.

We hope this helps as you think of ways to give back to the special women in your life this Mother’s Day as well as pay tribute to our first mother, Mother Nature! If you are still unclear about what she might enjoy we offer convenient online Gift Certificates so she can choose! 

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