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Anna Ayers and her husband, Fabian Lliguin, are founders of the cult-favorite plant-based hair and body care brand, Rahua®, which was born out of a mutual passion for the Amazon Rainforest and environmental preservation. The products offer a chance to reconnect with nature – an important value for Anna in her everyday life and as a mother. Here, Anna shares her healthy hair routine and styling secrets!  

I have always loved doing my hair! My mom took a lot of pride in doing mine and my sister’s hair growing up, and that habit has definitely stayed with me. The time I take to do my hair in the morning is my “thinking time” - some of my best ideas come when I’m styling or pampering my hair!

Here are my healthy hair tips. Healthy happy hair and scalp means lots of good hair days :)



I wash my hair about every other day. It saves time and keeps my scalp and hair healthy and in balance.  Washing hair too often strips hair of its natural oils and creates an imbalanced scalp.  Days in between washes, I work a little Voluminous Dry Shampoo into my roots to absorb oils and give a quick lift. 

 When I do wash my hair, I normally use Rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner.  If I feel like switching it up, I’ll use Color Full Shampoo to give my color more vibrancy, or if I want a little va-voom I’ll use Voluminous Shampoo.



I rarely blow dry, but when I do or apply any heat to my hair, I use Rahua Leave-In Treatment to protect from the heat and add a shiny, weightless finish. Normally, I like to air dry and I apply a little Leave-In Treatment and/or Cream Wax so my hair dries with nice shape and control.

On second day hair, I like to use my secret weapon (my hot rollers), and let them cool completely in hair, before spraying them with Enchanted Island Salt Spray for light hold, tousled texture and volume.



For extra pampering on the weekends, I massage the Elixir on my scalp for scalp health and work the Omega 9 Hair Mask into my hair for a deeply hydrating and smoothing treatment.



I am the luckiest woman in the world in the sense that I have a pro hair cutter and colorist as my husband! I like regular “hair dustings”, or micro trims as I like to keep my hair length past my shoulders, and this maintains the shape really well.

We do color every 2-3 months. Fabian’s formulas are light and natural, and the results work with my skin tone to make it look as though I’m wearing makeup when I’m not.

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