Preserving the centuries old tradition of Rahua making became a way to preserve wisdom, culture, communities, biodiverse lands, wildlife, trees, and our oxygen.

As environmentalists, our founders are passionately dedicated to creating luxurious beauty products with the cleanest ingredients; and are continually  inspired by plants and nature’s generosity.

More ways Rahua helps to protect and preserve the environment:


Prior to starting Rahua, Fabian and Anna were brought together through environmental passion and preservation establishing this non-profit, to create awareness about the Amazon rainforest that spans across countries like Brazil, Ecuador, and others, and the importance of protecting it. Did you know that it takes approximately 25 years for newly planted trees to give off a necessary amount of oxygen?

Rahua is committed to helping native communities protect and preserve existing, veteran, oxygen producing trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Through our environmental work, we have created relationships with the Indigenous communities in the Amazon, and we provide the legal tools and education they need to preserve and protect the trees that they have inherited, to sustain the oxygen we breathe.


Amazonian Rainforest Preservation

Rahua’s preservation work along with Amazonian Indigenous natives in the rainforest, has produced legal tools for full protection and preservation of roughly 150,000 acres of pristine (primary) rainforest. These forests sequester 5 tons of CO2 per acre per year, totalling 750,000 tons of CO2 per year, making Rahua a “carbon neutral company.” And much more.


The Pink Flamingo Project

Current area of work: Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands

10% of proceeds from the Rahua Enchanted Island Collection allow us to protect and preserve many miles of Galapagos coastal areas, Rahua works with locals to clean coastline and beaches of thousands of plastic bottles and plastic entrapment fibers that wash ashore. This work is keeping vital habitats and nesting grounds clean for flamingos, penguins, marine iguanas, sea birds and more. We are actively stopping damage to these local, pristine and scientifically important islands -- ensuring continuation and survival of this vibrant Galapagos coastal area.


Our non-toxic, clean formulas prevent pollution of our waterways.


Rahua product packaging is recyclable, reusable and many are refillable. Our powerful plant derived, organic ingredients create high-performance beauty products. Our highly concentrated formulas allow for less consumption, while delivering superior quality.