Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty Team Interviews our Founder, Anna

Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty team interviewed our co-founder, Anna, about how she and her husband and co-founder, Fabian came together to create Rahua and their company Amazon Beauty®.



She tells the story of their social and environmental work in the Amazon Rainforest with their original non-profit project, Ecoagents.  They came in touch and created relationships with the Amazonian women, who had amazing long hair!  Fabian, a hair dresser and hair stylist, couldn't help but ask the women their hair secrets, and was lucky enough to be given the hand-harvested and extracted Rahua oil, that is a part of an ancient tribal tradition.  He took the oil back to his salon in New York City and discovered the transformative and powerful properties of the ingredient! Later, in 2008 the two created Rahua, a project that enabled them to give even more back to the rainforest by supporting indigenous economies and protecting cultural rituals.  Their love for nature, and the respect for the people and their important indigenous knowledge, is the main force behind Rahua and their belief that what they are doing is so special.