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A ton of love for this product!

I bought this mask not too long ago and it has already worked its magic on my hair! My hair is curly and naturally more on the dry side, but this mask makes my curls look so bouncy, and the hair feels soft and very silky for days without having to add any other product between washes! My hair is really thanking me for this product!

Amazing product!

This product saved my hair! After trying to balance my sensitive, reacting scalp for about a year, trying different products (the best I could find), my hair was just “tired”, looking pretty dull after 2nd day wash, my curls were just “sad looking”, and my scalp was even more oily because I had to wash the hair more often, otherwise the scalp would get itchy - it was like a vicious chain! This product, again, saved my scalp and my hair! After my first wash I could feel that all the build-up was gone, the scalp felt like “breathing” again, but without being agressed in any way, and the hair strands were silky, soft but not flat. From the first use I was able to extend my washing sessions up to 6 days without feeling any discomfort. I am so happy I can treat my hair with this amazing experience!

Amazing product

I have been struggling with my hair a lot in the past year because my scalp has become very, very sensitive (and irritated) to all the products I have been investing in lately. I knew about Rahua from amazing people that I follow on social media and I have decided to give it a go! I am absolutely over the top delighted about what this product - in combination with the Omega 9 Hair Mask - did to my hair! Not only that I don’t need to wash my hair for 6 days!! (instead of 3), but my scalp feels amazing, the hair is soft but not in a flat way, just silky and healthy looking (my last ends trimm was about 3 months ago). The scent is so soothing, delicate and sweet, the Palo Santo oil scent made me wanna purchase the oil perfume too.
On top of that, their customer service is very hands on, any question you might have, a lovely person from their team is there to support you! ❤️

Classic shampoo was great for

Classic shampoo was great for my hair, soft, curly. After shampoo was pleased to see shiny curls from only twisting and pinning hair. thanks. BJM.


I loved being able to try the different sets of shampoo and conditioner before purchasing the full size. There is a generous amount in each bottle, enough for several washes. Thank you for offering these smaller sizes!

Smells and feels great!

I absolutely love the light mango smell and it detangles my wavy hair like a dream.


I have very thin, fly away hair that breaks if you breathe on it wrong. This stuff keeps my ends from looking parched and leaves them strong and healthy looking. Love it!

Mango amazingness

Perfect size travel or sample bottle, lathers great and only need a quarter for shoulder length hair. Light mango fruity scent, adore it. It also made my hair feel so clean but not stripped/dry.

Love it!!

This is the perfect conditioner! Adds volume that lasts all day without weighing it down.

Outstanding Wave and Curl Shaping Plus Frizz Control

I moved back East in July after living many years in Colorado. I was already using Rahua products and reached for this product in an attempt to control the frizz and bring my natural wave form back. This is now my go-to product because Control Cream delivers perfect hair-even under the highest humidity conditions, as well as assist in holding a set. Control Cream (and Rahua) saved my hair and restored it to its natural beauty. I hope it's never discontinued and endeavour to share its virtues with everyone so they too can enjoy naturally beautiful, frizz-free curls and waves.

Unbelievable results

This product is surprising and delightful! It looks waxy until you work it in your fingers and then it melts into a smooth, fortifying balm! It has a subtle floral smell and does everything Rahua claims it will

It smells so great and make skin so soft

I got a sample of this body oil. It smells so great (being from the mediterranean area, it kinda smells like cardamom from that area) Easily absorbed by your skin and makes skin so soft. I love it and the smell is amazing, I put the sample in a small jar and I keep just smell it. Rahua Team Please make an oil perfume of this smell!!

Love it

This treatment really helps to make your hair healthy and soft. No more split ends and it feels great on hair. I simply just love it!! Sometimes it I feel my hair ends are too dry I use a little more with Rahua’s scalp treatment For over

I love it!!

I love Rahua voluminous shampoo, it makes my scalps clean and gives volume to my fine wavy hair. I have oily scalp so my hair MUST be washed every day . After using this shampoo I still have fresh scalp even after two days and third day my hair is still not bad basically you don't need to wash your hair everyday. It help keep the scalp fresh and moisture which is the type of shampoo I been looking for. Healthy scalp can help hair growth plus this shampoo has te

Out of this world

This is the only hair oil you will ever need. I use it as a treatment with my hair up in a bun and as a high shine finishing oil; not to mention it's healing to smell. 1 drop is plenty for thin to average hair, two to three max for thick. Small

Loved it!

So nice to be able to try all of them before buying full size. I loved the Hydration set since my hair is dry. It added moisture but doesnt weigh my hair down. Plus my scalp has stopped itching and seems less oily. Love, love this shampoo!



Can't Live Without

This hair balm is my go to styling product for all hair styles. It is perfect for slicking back flyaways in a topknot and for taming my wild frizz when I wear my hair naturally curly. I carry one in my purse everywhere I go because I just can't live without it!

Rahua Leave-In Treatment

This is my favorite Rahua styling product. It calms flyways and holds the style when I blow it out and eliminates frizz if I air dry. Gives me just the right weight my hair needs to stop it from getting poofy! A little goes a long way.

2 Thumbs Way Up

An extraordinarily Great Shampoo. Big difference than store bought Shampoo.


Best detangler I’ve ever used 👌🏻

HairFood for my wavy curls

HairFood for my wavy curls I use it as a mask and it is so good because silicones were drying my hair.

Excellent shampoo and conditioner. I

Excellent shampoo and conditioner. I will purchase again!!

Luxurious and actually works!! The

Luxurious and actually works!! The scent is incredible, and I feel like I'm at the spa every time I use this product.

LOVE this stuff!

The Leave-In Treatment is a dream come true! I purchased this, as I was needing more moisture for my hair and it works like a charm! A little goes a LONG way and it leaves my hair feeling moisturized, soft, and manageable! Thank you for Rahua for making such a great product!!